Lab @ Home

Often, getting lab testing involves a lengthy process – from your visit to the doctor, scheduling an appointment and getting the lab tests done. For most people, this could take a lot of time and cause stress!

At SAS, we have just the solution to simplify this process for you! From a routine blood count to an infection detecting culture test – we’ll be able to take care of everything for you wherever you are.

Our belief in positive change and using best practices in healthcare delivery enables us to provide this service for you in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own space. Our qualified expert laboratory technicians are available to visit you at home, collect samples and then get them sent to you digitally.

You can schedule a home visit by simply filling up the appointment form and you will receive a call back from our customer service representative to schedule your home lab visit!

Vaccination @ Home

We believe that prevention is always better than cure, so don’t let external situations affect your health. Vaccines, when taken in a timely manner, can prevent infections and safeguard the health of both children and adults.

That’s why SAS offers a special service that brings vaccination services right to your door wherever you are and at your convenience so you don’t need to step out if you didn’t wish to.

Our Vaccination at home service includes both essential immunizations for children as well as a comprehensive list of vaccines available for adults, including seasonal vaccines (like Flu shots), travel vaccines or occupational vaccines. All administered by qualified professionals in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Nurse @ Home

In current times, with the Covid-19 pandemic still a concern to some people, many patients prefer to cut down a hospital stay and opt to use a nursing service at home while recovering from surgery or post treatment at a hospital, all from the convenience of their home.

SAS has a team of highly qualified nurses who can be made available to our patients to provide a home nursing service. Our nurses are specialized in various medical specialties, so they are able to provide you with nursing care for very specific medical conditions or requirements. They are trained to care for gravely ill patients, elderly patients, and patients who need medical assistance or monitoring on a continuous basis.

SAS Nurse at Home service means that you and your family will be provided with the option of getting your medical care from the convenience, safety and privacy of your space; while you can rest assured that the best medical supervision is provided right within your own home.

Contact us today, specify the medical condition for which you require nursing care and SAS Nurse at Home will ensure you and family are cared for – just as they would be in any medical centre premises.

Physio @ Home

Let us take care of this – your physical well- being and peace of mind, are both important to us. Now, you can choose to have your treatment done in your space, at a time most convenient to you! At SAS, we offer you expert physiotherapist services at home. We are there when you need us the most!

You choose the time slots, so it’s flexible and it ensures proper treatment and faster recovery. As a result, now with home physiotherapy, you can get treated in the same way as you would in a medical facility.

We believe in staying abreast with best practices in the healthcare business that allows us to stay ahead of times and deliver promising solutions. Our physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment and hands-on management of chronic disorders or acute illness or post surgery conditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply fill up this form and you will receive a call back from our customer service representative to schedule your home physio visit!